Wednesday, February 24

Sweet treats with lemon and making me happy!

If life gives you lemons... you make lemonade! Right?! Well, you make lemonade, lemon curd, flavored corn cookies and lemon tart with blueberries. No, lemons were not in promotion at the grocery store! It happens that I got a nice organic batch from my Dad. These lemons have the best scent and taste that I know. I got a break while our sweetie was taking a nap and the first thing I tried was lemon tart with blueberries. I got the inspiration from Emma Duckworth lemon and thyme syrup cake for Decor 8 here, but changed some ingredients accordingly to what I had in the pantry. Instead of vegetable oil I used coconut oil, for the flour I used chickpea flour, for the sugar used 1/4 cup of raw sugar and 2 tablespoons of honey, and did not use any thyme. It was too late when I remembered I did not add any raising powder...  We loved the lemon rich flavor!!

Have a lovely weekend!

sweet treats

After lunch...have to repeat this recipe!

lemon cake blue berries

Images: Maria Miranda

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