Monday, April 18

One photo per week: week 15 - Porto and seagulls

Good morning and happy Monday!How are you? How was your weekend? 

Last week we had a photography of a bunch of spirea flowers and today we have a seagull in one statue in Aliados Avenue in Porto. Porto has a lot of seagulls, I mean a lot. There was a time that I slept listening to seagulls and I was not even close to the river or the sea!

Have a lovely week!

Porto Portugal gaivota

Images: Maria Miranda

Monday, April 11

One photo per week: week 15 - Spirea an Easter flower

Hello friends and happy Monday! How are you? How was your weekend? We worked on our urban garden by planting summer vegetables. Let’s see how do they growth. After that was such a cold and rainy days that we were cozy at home and finally got the chance to organize my entire fabric stash. 

Last week we had a beautiful photography from a Lycianthes rantonnetii  and today I want to share with you an image of spirea blooms that I used as a flower arrangement for our Easter Sunday tabletop.

Have a nice, creative week!

easter flowers spirea

Images: Maria Miranda

Friday, April 8

Our Urban Garden: Early Springtime

Hello friends!
Do you remember that we luckily had the opportunity to have an urban garden near our home? If you want to recall go here. Well, we received it late October and the first time we work on it was in the mid of November. Turnip greens didn’t grow further than a finger! We were quite expecting that as they should be seeded in August and we were doing it in November. After it was so rainy that it was nearly impossible to the plants to grow. Nevertheless we could harvest some cabbages and lettuces.

During wintertime, we kept working on the garden and planting more cabbages, leeks and onions, and I couldn’t check it for a couple of weeks. This week I went to see how things were growing and I had a big pleasant surprise.

We already have snow peas! and big cabbages. Now we can eat a propper cabbage soup ("caldo verde", a typical Portuguese soup) exclusively from our garden. The onions are doing good and the spinaches, there they are growing. We might even have hydrangeas flowers these year! I love hydrangeas for styling the living room, they always look so nice and give such a happy mood.

flores ervilha torta
 snow peas

couve biologica
and a big cabbage

hidrangeas e cebolas
hydrangea blooms and onions

For the record, do not this mistake: I planted this cabagges way to close! Unless, you want to have tiny cabbages don't do it!


After taking photographs I spent a long hour taking out all that weeds. What a mindfulness task! This weekend we are going to plant tomatoes and more summer vegetables.

It feels so Springy here and I love it!

Images: Maria Miranda

Monday, April 4

One photo per week: week 14 - Welcome Spring!

Hello friends! How are you? How was you weekend? We had pretty rainy days here so I decided to bake: cookies and tried for the first time “bola de carne” (hum, how would I translate this to English? No idea! It is somehow kind of focaccia with different meats inside, really yumnny!) 

March has gone and we are already in April with days with more daylight. Love when this happens, and with warmer temperatures feels so Springy. Last time we had a photo here it was the last winter week. And here we open the Spring season welcoming the sun with flowers.

Have a nice week!


Images: Maria Miranda

Wednesday, March 30

Spring walk in Porto: Bolhão Market. Come along with me!

Happy Wednesday everyone! How are you doing? Today we have a walk in one of the most traditional Porto markets. In the last years, our Easter routine, if we can name it like that, includes a walk on Holy Saturday morning to Bolhão Market in Porto for buying a bouquet of white flowers for offering as a gift. As a plus we tend to buy sausages and spices also. It is always one of a kind experience with vibrant scents and colours from flowers, vegetables, fruit, spices, wine, you name it.

Bolhão Market is located in Porto downtown and is a must go (or it used to be) for locals and for tourists. Indeed, this time of the year is crowded with tourists. You can find anything in there and when I say anything I mean it!

Do you want a peek of what Bolhão Market has to offer to you? Let’s go! 

bolhao mercado porto portugal fotografia antiga

porto mercado portugal

bolhao market nuts porto portugal

bolhao market portugal

bolhao market portugal porto

bolaho market portugal spices

porto market portugal

Images: Maria Miranda

Friday, March 18

Gravitational Waves: Fridays here at the blog

Happy Friday everyone! How is your week going? Do you want a brilliant update on the most recent confirmation in science? So what’s new?, you may ask. The confirmation of the existence of gravitational waves! Did you follow this on the news on February? This is pretty amazing. 
Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein 100 years ago. Last September something happen in the detector and was confirmed independently. News come out this February. And this is a brilliant explanation said in such a way that anyone can understand. This is a must watch! The mathematical calculations behind this are understood only by a very restricted group of human beings but the whole concept we can understand for sure! And this explanation is a really good one.

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, March 14

One photo per week: week 13 - The last winter week

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Good, relaxing, inspirational?! We had beautiful sunny warm days around here. Let's go for the photograph of this week? Do you remember last week photograph of the cute yellow bird adding some color to a grey sky in Linz? If you don't click here. I looked to the calendar and realized that whitin one week will be equinox and officially we will be in spring time! So, I was looking and found this seagull flying over a snowy Danube and I thought "maybe this is a good one for saying goodbye to winter time?" What do you think?

Have a beautiful week!

winter danube


Image: Maria Miranda