Wednesday, March 30

Spring walk in Porto: Bolhão Market. Come along with me!

Happy Wednesday everyone! How are you doing? Today we have a walk in one of the most traditional Porto markets. In the last years, our Easter routine, if we can name it like that, includes a walk on Holy Saturday morning to Bolhão Market in Porto for buying a bouquet of white flowers for offering as a gift. As a plus we tend to buy sausages and spices also. It is always one of a kind experience with vibrant scents and colours from flowers, vegetables, fruit, spices, wine, you name it.

Bolhão Market is located in Porto downtown and is a must go (or it used to be) for locals and for tourists. Indeed, this time of the year is crowded with tourists. You can find anything in there and when I say anything I mean it!

Do you want a peek of what Bolhão Market has to offer to you? Let’s go! 

bolhao mercado porto portugal fotografia antiga

porto mercado portugal

bolhao market nuts porto portugal

bolhao market portugal

bolhao market portugal porto

bolaho market portugal spices

porto market portugal

Images: Maria Miranda

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