Friday, April 8

Our Urban Garden: Early Springtime

Hello friends!
Do you remember that we luckily had the opportunity to have an urban garden near our home? If you want to recall go here. Well, we received it late October and the first time we work on it was in the mid of November. Turnip greens didn’t grow further than a finger! We were quite expecting that as they should be seeded in August and we were doing it in November. After it was so rainy that it was nearly impossible to the plants to grow. Nevertheless we could harvest some cabbages and lettuces.

During wintertime, we kept working on the garden and planting more cabbages, leeks and onions, and I couldn’t check it for a couple of weeks. This week I went to see how things were growing and I had a big pleasant surprise.

We already have snow peas! and big cabbages. Now we can eat a propper cabbage soup ("caldo verde", a typical Portuguese soup) exclusively from our garden. The onions are doing good and the spinaches, there they are growing. We might even have hydrangeas flowers these year! I love hydrangeas for styling the living room, they always look so nice and give such a happy mood.

flores ervilha torta
 snow peas

couve biologica
and a big cabbage

hidrangeas e cebolas
hydrangea blooms and onions

For the record, do not this mistake: I planted this cabagges way to close! Unless, you want to have tiny cabbages don't do it!


After taking photographs I spent a long hour taking out all that weeds. What a mindfulness task! This weekend we are going to plant tomatoes and more summer vegetables.

It feels so Springy here and I love it!

Images: Maria Miranda

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