Thursday, December 10

Sweet treats: Holidays Season

Hello everyone!

This year we started the Advent with a special treat for our sweet tooth and since then we haven't stopped. Hmm where will this lead..! When we reach this time of the year I always have a desire of having "rabanadas" (french toasts in English, I think). Changed the milk for almond milk and they were delicious. I forgot to take pictures so no images at all, but there are testimonials that they were yummy!

A few days later, another desire come up: Aletria, a typical Portuguese desert for this time of year. Aletria... hmm how would it be named in English? Sweet pasta, maybe. It was my first attempt ever and I made it with almond milk also. Next time I will do it more creamy, for sure!

For the second Sunday Advent we tried a not Christmas season desert but incredibly delicious. For the first time we made tiramisu and we loved it. That mixture of coffee and chocolate! We followed the recipe from Jamie Oliver that you can find here, with some minor changes: we did not had any alcohol and we bought pasteurized eggs. We already have some ideas how to improve it for the next time: maybe a double layer?

And you? What sweet treats are you making this time of the year?

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Images: Maria Miranda

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