Saturday, December 5

Our Urban Garden: Our most recent creative project

Hello everyone! In the past years, urban gardens have become common in Portugal. That I am aware there are quite a few in Lisboa, in Porto but where we live there were not so much and mostly located in small villages outside the city. This is not such a big urban city and the countryside is just around the corner. 

However, last October for our complete surprise our parish council created an urban garden with 16 different sections with nice areas. When we saw we couldn't believe and applied immediately for a section. Luckily, we were given a nice piece of land and it is all for free. Yep, the land and the water, no rent at all. It is awesome for us to have this chance so close home, specially because we are so picky with food buying as much as we can organic vegetables and fruit. We didn't know exactly how to start so we had the luck to have the help of my Dad. Great! So far we have planted or seeded, snow peas, turnip greens, different varieties of cabbages and spinaches, lettuces, garlic, leek, a lemon and a specific specie of mandarin orange.

As herbs we have lavender, oreganos, thymus and rosemary so far. We planted hydrangeas hoping for a nice fence with flowers next Summer. And we still have a big wishlist for the next weeks! 

urban garden, autumn, horta urbana
 Here you can spot lettuces, spinaches, leek, onion, cabbages

urban garden, horta urbana
 Snow peas with 15 days old

urban garden, autumn, horta urbana
 Rosemary plant

urban garden, autumn, horta urbana
 Turnip greens with 15 days old

horta urbana, limpeiro
A close-up of our lemon tree

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Images: Maria Miranda

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